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Review: Bressie – Rage and Romance

The album opens with the title track “Rage and Romance.”  Its out-of-time riff will instantly get the feet tapping and heads bobbing.  The organic groove just screams ‘uber-cool alternative track,’ without even verging on try-hard. This continues on with “Show Me Love,” the lead single, which presents a much more glam-rock sound.

Shane Gillen’s “Thelema” Review

Gillen will astound you, leaving you in such awe that you can only ask, “How?” as his tricks will get your head in a spin if you try to figure out how they work. The first half will completely perplex you, with most participants being chosen by the random toss of a paper ball into the audience. There is no way anything performed could be set up beforehand, even if Gillen has a vague idea of what he wants to happen. The human mind isn’t that predictable that he could know what everybody will say or do, right? You’re sure to be full of questions as you leave.

A Generation Without Communication

Our aim (speaking on behalf of our generation as a whole) is to show the perfect, airbrushed version of ourselves online. Sure we will tell everybody that we got a job interview – but rarely do we admit to not getting the job.  Another popular one seems to be updates on weight loss.  We’ll hear about every pound you lose, but when the weight piles back on (and then some) after Christmas, we’ll never hear a word about it. Facebook and Twitter allow us to tell everybody how fabulous of our lives are, while easily hiding the negative aspects.


Lose You or Lose Me?

This post was a finalist for “Best Blog Post” at the Blog Awards Ireland 2015.

 My heart is in London. My head’s in Tokyo. My body’s trying to bring me wherever you go. With each step, I lose grasp of my soul, who I am and everything I know. Following you could lead me down the wrong road.

I Should Forget Forever.

Am excerpt of a love poem posted last year.

It leaves me wishing for more
For us to have followed similar paths
And that it wasn’t so sporadic,
So random and desperate
That we somehow met

Because now, I’m left craving
A non-existing fate,
Where we can somehow fit
All of these littles pieces that are us together.

But we’d never last a day, so I should forget forever.

Medium Posts

I Shouldn’t Like You

Between the way words fall from your mouth, tumbling and stumbling so awkwardly — and yet in the most charming of ways — until they’re right there, knocking on my heart to be let in. Slowly and surely they’re finding that they can fight their way inside, squeezing through the gap under the door, falling through the chimney. All those little spaces I’ve left unguarded, you’ve discovered. Not the most pleasant of entrances, but it’s the best you can do under my resistance.

Do Opposites Attract?

Maybe it is true that opposites attract. Or perhaps it’s just a myth from some faraway lands. The conjuring of a priests mind as he tries to force marriage onto a pair of youngsters who refuse, because the “lovey dovey” feelings just aren’t there. Through the ages it could have evolved into what it is today, — a little nudge now used as a push — “opposites attract” don’t they always say?