An Overhaul.

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I’d like to do an overhaul with, and seeing as this is in fact my blog, I think I’ll do just that.

Lately I’ve found that while I love to rant on Twitter and YouTube, it’s just not always feasible. Sometimes I feel that my rants aren’t Twitter-appropriate, or may not be welcome by my followers. Other times, I won’t have the chance to record an emotional/unscripted video for a week or two, meaning that I’m keeping all of this bottled up (bleugh, I hate that phrase).

My friends get most of my rants to be honest, and at times it makes me feel guilty for taking up their time. It’s obviously a better idea to rant to strangers, right? I mean, you’re choosing to ramble around this site. I’m not forcing you against your will (hopefully — gosh, imagine if I became so desperate that I kidnapped people and forced them to read my posts, ha). It’s your choice to waste your time, and I can’t be guilty about your choices.

I genuinely don’t know where I’m going with this post.

Anyway, first rant done. Do 205 words count as a rant? I suppose on Twitter, that’d be a good five or six tweets.



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