first loves

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spines tingle
worlds touch

hearts melt
a total rush

first loves
never enough

second thoughts
no longer blind

pull apart
muddled minds

romantic love
lost its shine

not for
the last time.


I’ve decided to try and post every day for the summer. Now, I decided this four days ago and clearly it’s not going great seeing as today is the first day I’ve posted, but we’ll see how it goes anyway.

I’ve forgotten how to write stories, so hopefully I’ll remember how to do that as I don’t even read poetry myself, never mind expect others to read mine!


6 thoughts on “first loves

  1. Ah, nothing like a first love ❤

    This is lovely! Life seems to get in the way of blogging (especially lately, for me) Do you check out writing prompts? I follow a few on here and they're so good at getting ideas flowing!

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