My Minds Game

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Sometimes I wonder if your eyes really do light up when I call your name, or if that’s just a hurtful silly game my mind likes to play. Because there isn’t a hope in hell for me to get the answer I want, but hearing you say it will give me the answer I need. It makes it so easy to forget and move on when I know that I’m no-one you’ll ever want. But I don’t have the guts to ask, because the punch reality will bring may be too much.

You’re freaking fantastic, and from what you say you don’t seem to fully understand that. Lucky for you, I do, even if you don’t want me to.

So tell me to stop, and tell me to move on. Give me the words I need to cut all hope loose, like balloons tied to weights – not that you ever drag me down like that. But you know what I mean. Because you’re everything I need wrapped up in one little package, nice and neat and oh-so sweet.  Even if I can’t have you, you’ve still got what I need. Drop the most-anticipated bombshell of my life, so I blow up, melt down, crack, fall apart, however else you want to say it. Just give me the pain, because the longer we wait the more it’s going to hurt with each passing day.

But, I don’t want to stop my minds game.


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