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Some news – I’ve been shortlisted for two awards in the Blog Awards Ireland. The first is for “Best Blog Post,” in which “Lose You or Lose Me?” is nominated. The second is for “Best Innovation Blog.” That’s for my YouTube channel, jessiblahtv.

How mental.

Thanks to the judges for liking me. You’re wonderful.

Also, thank you to everybody and anybody who has supported my blog. Let’s be honest – half the time I post things, it’s just because I’m seeking other validation from strangers, isn’t it? So, thanks to you.

Anyway, here’s the part where you come in. The public round of voting opened Monday, 7th September. It lasts for two weeks and makes up 30% of the votes for this round – so it’s a big deal. I’d really appreciate it if you could vote for me in both categories.

You can click here to vote for Best Blog Post, and here to vote for Best Innovation Blog.

Thank you very much for being lovely.



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