Happy Ever Afters


If I possessed the willpower to write stories — long, elegant tales filled with love and hope, perhaps powering on for a whole series — then I would write about us. We are no Romeo and Juliet   (I know that oh-so well )  but we are what novels are made of. Love filled with warmth and courage, even when we should be afraid for the future. I admire that you have no fear when we face such moments. That’s the only reason I can face them myself.

No matter what battles we brave, we trust that we will win. Why? Because one day, we will be king and queen. Wait, no — I’ve got it all wrong. You already are a king, and maybe I am your queen. You are the king of my heart (oh, I’ve gone all soft and cheesy — look what you’ve done). I can’t deny it. I hope that I’m the queen of yours, but you are a bit of a mummy’s boy. One day I will rule though.

One day.

And on that day, I will write of the adversities we faced which will hopefully inspire our children – and maybe others too – with words of encouragement, letting them know that you can win the war. You can beat the odds. You can find the one you love and nothing bad has to happen. We are no Romeo and Juliet, but do we really want to be? Happy ever afters do exist. We’re living proof of it.


I like to write random things like that sometimes. It’s completely fictional (sadly). Hope you liked it!


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