Everybody, Meet Lady


At time of writing, I have the pleasure of saying that I am sitting in a tea-soaked onesie. With a cup of scorching-hot tea in one hand and a packet of unopened cookies in the other, it was set to be a relaxing night. But no, the little pup lying on my lap was too intrigued by the noise of the cookie wrapper. Jumping up, she went for them. Of course I wasn’t going to lie there and watch her chew on my packet of cookies, so I pulled them away. Then the puppy jumped a few times and knocked tea all over me.

Everybody, meet Lady.

For a long time now, I’ve been planning on making a video to introduce the world to our new puppy à la JacksGap. Quite quickly it became clear that this would be much more difficult than I first imagined.

With Lucky we were fortunate in that he was a calm, quiet pup. He loved to cuddle, ????????????particularly with his Care Bear teddy. I’m feeling quite nostalgic looking at this picture to be honest. This was the only photo of Lucky as a pup that I could find, although we have plenty… somewhere.

Lady is quite the opposite of Lucky. She is constantly running, biting and barking. At first, Lucky didn’t really know what hit him and was in a sulk for days because this invader had come into his house. She was loved by everyone and I’d imagine he thought that she was staying way past her welcome. A month later, and he’s certainly perked back up though. They even play together and if she doesn’t jump around too much, he’ll lie on my lap if she’s already there. At first he would growl if she went near him while he was trying to rest, but now he voluntarily goes towards her!


She’s a little bit of a divil. If you look under the couches at any time, you’ll find a collection of stones. She has a thing for stones, but knows that I don’t like her having them so she darts past whenever she has one.

When we first got her, there were quite a few “oh my God, I’ve lost the puppy” moments. As I said, she is a divil. You turn your back for as long as it takes to put on the kettle and suddenly, she’s gone. My first place to check was always underneath the sofa, although it always took a bit of coaxing to get her out of her favourite hiding place. Failing that, it was back into the kitchen because sometimes she just magically reappears and you can’t even question how.

I’ve got a few puppies stories that I’ll share in future, but as you can tell she’s a bit of a wild one. That’s my camera strap that she’s chewing on there. Luckily she’s loves being in her playpen – although she sometimes barks if I put her in because she’s suddenly not tired. If she was a child, she would certainly be the type to always says “no, I’m not tired!” with their eyes half-closed while doing the sleepy-head-nod.



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